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NettRoyale is a carpet cleaning Montreal and surrounding expert that offers quality services for carpet washing. NettRoyale is the benchmark carpet cleaning company in Montreal, North Shore, and South Shore. With over 10 years of expertise in residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Our experts are at your disposal and are qualified to offer you an impeccable carpet cleaning if you have a residence or business in the greater Montreal area.



Commercial carpet cleaning in Montreal

Service offered to businesses, shops, shops, gyms, training room, school buildings, office editions that are located in Montreal.

Residential carpet cleaning in Montreal

Services offered to homeowners, condos, cottages, apartments in the greater Montreal area.



We offer the best prices for carpet cleaning services

montreal carpet cleaning service impeccable NettRoyale provides professional carpet cleaning services. Having a clean carpet will certainly help you make a good first impression in the eyes of your visitors who will potentials customers or business partners. Dirty carpets are very repulsive and when they are filled with dust, simply moving it on can spread all that dust in the room, on windows, on furniture and even in food. Give our rug cleaning professionals the opportunity to come and restore their own cleanliness by offering a wide variety of carpet cleaning services in the Montreal area and surrounding areas. Thus, our experts will help you to offer a warm welcome to your visitors, your customers, your partners, etc. You will be able to live in the greatest comfort and the greatest ease without worrying about the state of your carpet. Our professionals will know how to implement all the practices that will allow you to have a clean environment.

Our team of experts in commercial cleaning and residential will take care of cleaning your carpet while respecting the ecological standards, this will allow you, in particular, to benefit from an air free of chemical substances. NettRoyale thus undertakes to offer you quality services in order to provide you with a very great satisfaction. For example, many people tested our products and said they were very satisfied with the services we offered them. The advantage of using NettRoyale is that you benefit from a good quality/price ratio since our products are offered at very competitive prices.


We offer a wide range of carpet cleaning services

commercial carpet cleaning montreal With us, you can enjoy a full range of commercial and residential carpet cleaning services. Many people change commercial carpets very often to install another one while installing a commercial carpet can be very expensive. NettRoyale offers efficient cleaning of your carpet that will help you maintain the shape and color of your carpet and increase its durability.Our commercial carpet cleaning experts are able to perform a large number of tasks, namely the extraction of your carpet, water extraction, ecological cleaning, carpet shampoo application, carpet bonnet, sectioned carpet cleaning, carpet stain removal, and upholstery cleaning. Call now and get the best carpet cleaning and maintenance services in the entire city of Montreal and the hustle and bustle of cities.



Carpet cleaning with hot water extraction

Have you ever heard of the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning? It’s not surprising. Many carpet cleaning companies have spread the more popular term of “steam cleaning” to describe this method instead. To be honest, it does not matter what you call. What you need to know as a homeowner is that hot water extraction is by far the best carpet cleaning method on the market.

Do not take our word for it
If you have doubts, just look to the carpet industry itself for clues as to the best method for your carpets and upholstered furniture. There is a reason why almost every major carpet manufacturer in Montreal and everywhere else recommends (and more and more demands for warranty reasons) that you use hot water extraction to keep your carpet clean Of house. And there is also a reason why almost all major carpet cleaning companies in Montreal choose hot water extraction as the method of choice.

How it works
The term “steam cleaning” is really a misnomer when it comes to describing how hot water extraction works. In truth, there is little or no steam as a primary cleaning material. Instead, hot water and cleaning agents are propelled into your stack of high-pressure carpet, where they loosen dirt, soil, and grime. In almost the same movement, a powerful vacuum removes hot water and all the dirt and stains from your carpet.

More is better
As you shop for steam cleaners to clean your residential or commercial carpet, keep in mind that there are a variety of systems available to you as the owner to choose from. You can try to clean your carpets yourself, but it will never be as effective as hiring a professional because carpet washing companies in Montreal use much more powerful and efficient equipment than those available for the public. These devices inject water and cleaning agents into your carpet at a much higher pressure, meaning they clean deeper than other systems. And their vacuum systems for removing water and dirt are also superior, doing a better job of removing moisture and cleaning agents from your stack of carpets. All of this adds to cleaner carpets and less frequent cleaning when you are all told and done.

When to call the carpet cleaners
To be honest, this is where most homeowners in Montreal make their biggest mistake when it comes to carpet maintenance. It is common to wait several years before your carpet looks just like the original product before calling the professionals. If you want to maintain clean carpets, and extend the life of your carpets, you should really bring a professional carpet cleaner on an annual basis. The daily beating of your carpet takes into account dirt, spills and stains, animal circulation, and even the presence of pest infestations such as fleas and mites. The more often you clean with hot water extraction, the less you’ll have to worry about the presence of all these things as you watch your family spend time on your well-maintained and beautifully clean carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Montreal

Top quality carpet cleaning

You've searched for Carpet Cleaning Montreal? We are the experts of commercial carpet cleaning in Montreal. We also clean residential carpets. In anything, first impressions is the most important and nothing makes a bad impression like a dirty carpet. NettRoyale™ offers a variety of carpet cleaning services in the Greater Montreal Region, including upholstery cleaning.

Commercial carpet cleaner

We put a world of clean at your feet and at those of your staff and customers. We are focused on both maintaining the cleanliness of your work environment and ensuring that the air you breathe is free of toxic chemicals that can affect your health. We use eco-friendly equipment and cleaning products for every job we do. Our team will give you top quality capert cleaning every single time. We never lower the quality of our work for reccurring carpet cleaning.

Our services include

We offer a full range of commercial and residential carpet cleaning services to keep your carpets looking new. Installing a quality commercial carpet is costly, but with NettRoyale™, we can remove stains and your carpets will retain their form and color and last far longer. You can stop your seek for carpet cleaning Montreal. Your satisfation with NettRoyale carpet cleaning expert is guaranteed.

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