Car interior cleaning

Freshness and cleanliness guaranteed

We clean all surfaces of the interior of your vehicle. Seats, windows, roof liners, carpets, mirrors. Our maintenance crew will make the interior of your vehicle impeccable, free of dust, unsightly stains and remove bad smells.

Have you ever tried to remove a stain embedded in a car seat, on the floor or even on the roof liner ? Indeed, it is very difficult. However, with the proper products and tools at your fingertips makes it very easy to remove. With NettRoyale, you'll have an impeccable, spotless, dust-free vehicle interior. We have incredibly efficient equipment and the products we use will leave the inside of your vehicle smelling pleasant.

Our services include

We offer a full range of services for cleaning the interior of your vehicle. The results you will see, are impressive.

Shampoo and extract all carpets, seats, and roof liner

Wipe down and clean all glass streak free

Clean interior of doors, cup holders

Clean all interior surfaces.

Leather treatment

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