Car interior cleaning

Freshness and cleanliness guaranteed

We clean all surfaces of the interior of your vehicle. Seats, windows, roof liners, carpets, mirrors. Our maintenance crew will make the interior of your vehicle impeccable, free of dust, unsightly stains and remove bad smells.

Have you ever tried to remove a stain embedded in a car seat, on the floor or even on the roof liner ? Indeed, it is very difficult. However, with the proper products and tools at your fingertips makes it very easy to remove. With NettRoyale, you'll have an impeccable, spotless, dust-free vehicle interior. We have incredibly efficient equipment and the products we use will leave the inside of your vehicle smelling pleasant.

Our services include

We offer a full range of services for cleaning the interior of your vehicle. The results you will see, are impressive.

Shampoo and extract all carpets, seats, and roof liner

Wipe down and clean all glass streak free

Clean interior of doors, cup holders

Clean all interior surfaces.

Leather treatment

Welcome to NettRoyale, we are an independent, dynamic, passionate and dedicated company that provides a cleaning service and aesthetic preparation at home and programmed in Motreal and the surrounding area. In addition, we also offer customized (high quality) interior cleaning. WHY CHOOSE US ? Being mobile, we save you valuable time by preparing your car at your home or workplace while you continue your day. We have specialized equipment for deep cleaning of your vehicle. We are committed to continuing our training to be 100% we are the best choice for you.


Our cleaning protocols are ecological and without rinsing using advanced and biodegradable products. Our services offer the value for money. You will benefit from meticulous work and extraordinary results. We regularly work with BMW dealers, Mini and as well as multi-brand garages. In the end it is you who decides the service according to your needs, your desires and your budget


We recommend Renovation for your first step. Intensive cleaning, decontamination of iron, resin, tar and road film. This step is recommended for vehicles whose interior cleaning has not been done for several years.


After the installation of Protection, the maintenance of your vehicle is important. To maintain their properties you must follow the simple rules. We can provide you with a program of care with adaptive products or we offer a regular cleaning service at home, customized to your needs Interior cleaning of your vehicule Clean and clean inside with a meticulous cleaning of the seats and carpets, the disinfection of the cabin or the destruction of bad smells by ozone treatment. To do this, the Compagnons du Lavage use products that respect the integrity of materials. GOOD TO KNOW If the weather conditions are unfavorable and we are unable to complete our appointment, we will postpone it to a time slot established with you. Please note, for all our services, that your vehicle must be parked on private property and not on public roads. Prices shown are from and depending on the condition of the vehicle. Payment is made when the cleaning of your car is finished. NettRoyale puts at your disposal a professional team to wash your car. Our carefully selected employees, for their experience and efficiency, will take care of your vehicle as if it were their own car!
  • Cleaning seats
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Roof pavilion cleaning (only with seats)
  • Odor treatment
  • Dusting and cleaning the dashboard and cockpit
  • Dusting and suction of seats
  • Window and trunk cleaning
NettRoyale is the insurance of a clean and protected car. We use 100% French biodegradable ecological products. We take care of your vehicle on your arrival. Leave us your keys, go shopping, come back, it's perfect. More than washing, they are also daily services in your car park, from helping people to storing races. The "interior" waterless wash service includes window cleaning, vacuuming and complete dedusting with compressed air. Interior plastics are renovated. The washing is ecological: only with quality products and selected with care, identical on all our washing centers, ecological and biodegradable, without any concession on the quality. The equipment used corresponds to professional requirements. The washing is done manually by our trained technicians, with the greatest care, leaving no trace in the details.

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