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At NettRoyale, we regard ourselves as the leaders in on-demand cleaning services. We offer an extremely reliable commercial cleaning service as we have been in the business for over 10 years now. We have perfected our art and guarantee nothing but top-notch results. Here are our business and industrial cleaning services, and the reason why you should hire us.

Our Top Commercial Cleaning Services


Commercial Window Cleaning

People’s view in regards to your business can be boosted by a frequent and high-quality window commercial window cleaning service. The look of your windows gives either a good or bad first impression of your business. These shiny objects can lead to more business for you as long as you take good care of them. In addition, glass is an absorbent material which needs regular maintenance to keep its shiny and protective attributes. If not properly cleaned and maintained, windows can accumulate stain, leading to the need to restore them. This cost would be certainly higher than what it would have cost you to clean them.

If you are in search of commercial window cleaning services in Montreal, all the surrounding cities, North Shore, South Shore, then you are in the right place. We have a great expertise and vast experience in commercial window cleaning. Have a look at more information in regards to our commercial window cleaning service.


Commercial Floor Cleaning

commercial cleaning service

Floor Wax & Stripping

The appearance of your floors gives a direct impression of your business. At NettRoyale, we offer the best commercial floor cleaning service. We are experts in floor stripping and floor waxing. Our task is to help you keep your business looking great at all times. To do this, we use an approach that combines innovative products, advanced technology, and years of experience to clean your floors. From hardwood to any other kind of flooring, we believe that we have what it takes to improve your floors’ appearance and build your reputation.


Carpet Cleaning

Speaking of carpets, they are now the top thing covering the floor of most commercial settings. The introduction of workstations and cubicles means that carpets can many businesses’ floor. Carpets and upholstery are a big investment that ought to be protected.

Grime and dirt have the potential to physically wear out your carpet and upholstery, and even affect your health negatively. When it comes to why you should ensure your carpet and upholstery are clean, the list is simply endless. Get in touch with us for all your carpet cleaning needs.

At NettRoyale, we offer commercial carpet cleaning services to both big and small businesses, while focusing on top quality and high consistency. We implement state-of-the-art equipment, well-trained staff, and environmentally safe supplies to provide you with a clean and healthy business environment for both your employees and customers. Have a better look at this commercial cleaning service here: carpet cleaning.


Commercial Office Cleaning

Our commercial housekeeping service also covers office cleaning . If you need to clean your business offices and make them as professional as possible, let our experts do it for you. The commercial household of the commercial offices is made differently from the residential household. Special attention is paid to ensure that cleaning is done properly at all levels. If the commercial cleaning job is not done properly, your company’s reputation will be affected. Visitors and business people will perceive these imperfections in the commercial housekeeping of the enterprise as a lack of professionalism.  If you need to get your business offices cleaned properly and to get them looking as professional as possible, then let our team get this done for you.


Commercial Industrial Cleaning

If you operate an industry, then you must know the importance of using a professional commercial cleaning service.

If you are looking for a liable commercial cleaning company, NettRoyale has what it takes to handle your industrial cleaning desires.  Apart from doing a good cleaning job, we understand the importance of following the highest standards. Therefore, you can be sure you are working with professionals.


Restaurant cleaning services

When talking about commercial cleaning, we also provide restaurants cleaning services for Montreal and surrounding cities.  Our restaurant cleaning services and surrounding cities will exceed your expectation.  We will take care of every cleaning tasks that you will need to get your restaurant cleaned properly.  Restaurant cleaning is an important part of your credibility, your client’s health, and your customer’s overall experience in your restaurant.  Therefore you should only hire professional commercial cleaners to do the job.


Car Interior Cleaning for car dealers

If you own a car dealership, we can handle your cleaning needs during the day or during the night.  We can take care of the interior cleaning of the car in the showroom as well as the courtesy cars.

We also provide this service to car owners

You had a great moment when buying that brand new car, right? Then, at NettRoyale, we are bringing your car back to that showroom look with our car interior cleaning service. The service covers all interior areas of your car from carpets up to the roof lining. We use our bio-safe cleaners to ensure a hygienic cleansing. On top of this, we can also clean your car’s air conditioning and ventilation system, which may be leading to that unpleasant odor in your car.

NettRoyale has the potential to boost your car’s indoor air quality. Odor can be caused by several factors such as spillages, wet dog smell, and cigarette smoke. If you happen to notice a weird smell in your car, then you should contact us to get rid of it.

On your car’s upholstery, we follow a strict cleaning process which ensures better results and fast drying times compared to conventional indoor car cleaning techniques. With our methods, the fabrics will be properly vacuumed, preconditioned, and thoroughly rinsed to achieve an inch-perfect finish. Check out our interior car cleaning service here.


The Benefits of Working with NettRoyale


We are Professionals

It is important that you work with a commercial cleaning company that is professional and has well-trained employees. When you work with a good company like NettRoyale, you can be sure that we will be ready to handle all your commercial cleaning needs and do a quality job.

We are Highly Experienced

Experience is key when hiring a commercial cleaning service. At NettRoyale, we have been in the commercial cleaning business for over 10 years now. With us, you can rest assured that your cleaning job will be handled well.

Our Staff is Well Trained

At NettRoyale, we ensure that our staff is well trained before we let them out to the field to embark on various cleaning duties.




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